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Tony Nay: Unilever adopted our growth program across their Middle Eastern region on the back of some consistent sales growth that had occurred in two previous years, in both Australia and New Zealand.

Rob Mustow: The program was incredibly successful. We grew 27.6% year on year. Our business is to build yours, so from that perspective, from a sheer numbers perspective it was incredibly successful.

Tony Nay: This program was exceptionally challenging, in particular for our data team, and also for our web developers. Any program that scans 12 countries, but then requires its sales data to be measured in 12 currencies, to then be communicated across in four languages, of course added a lot of complexity. But the program and the results speak for themselves.

Zee Sijercic:  The relaunch of the program resulted in the redesign of all the marketing collateral. This involved the redesign of the website, all the mark lead ins, as well as the launch kit. In order to create excitement about the launch and the new destination, we needed to create an iconic launch kit. The most effective way to do this was to send the delegates a kangaroo singing an iconic Australian song, encased in a shipping container.

Rob Mustow: So we decided to come to Australia because we pick destinations around the world that are clearly exciting and we think desirable. We used the saying, “Money can’t buy experiences” or we try to offer our delegates things that they wouldn’t necessarily do if they were to come here on their own.

Danielle Dobson: The delegates have the trip of a lifetime. It really was a “Money can’t buy experience”. The event team worked tirelessly across the whole event to deliver a seamless experience from start to finish.

Tony Nay: Undoubtedly the best feature of these programs for our customers and our clients is that they’re totally self-funded, and paid for from incremental sales and margins across the buying period. Traditionally the sales growth is always generated from independent customers that make significant amendments to their buying behaviours and give us those additional discretionary sales that otherwise may not have gone to Unilever, they may have gone to their competitor.


Incremental Marketing is a full-service sales, marketing and digital agency located in Sydney, with clients from across the globe. Our extensive business knowledge coupled with our love of good design and technology is what sets us apart from all of the rest. Our aim is simple – Our business is to build yours. That means helping you achieve a substantial and sustainable increase in profitable sales and market growth.


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